Meet The Experiments: Yaarp [613]

Species: Alien Genetic Experiment

Nickname: Yaarp

Gender: Male

Yaarp is one of Jumba's experiments. He is one of the many experiments Dr. Hamsterviel wants. He loves sounds, loves being petted, loves being loved, loves being hugged, loves having friends, and loves earth.

Appearance & Body Parts:

Yaarp is a small turquoise blue lemur-like experiment. He has the same organs as a human male does with the exception of a heart, a pair of lungs, a stomach and digestive system, a brain, a skeletal system, a brain and nervous system, and muscules.

Special Abilities:

Yaarp can produce devastating sonic blasts through his megaphone-like antenna. These noises can range from small honks to massive shock waves that can shatter buildings and cause acute loss of hearing. His tail can act like a spring, as he often bounces on it instead of using his limbs. Yaarp has extreme drumming skills (can hit drums with speeds over 250 mph). Yaarp has shown to be skilled in playing the foghorn-like device on his head like a trumpet.

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Comments (2)

  1. jamesmontagu

    Now a day the crazy things invented and the strange experiment performed. The yaarp is one of these and essay writing service surprised to find these enormous strange things. It seems like some kind of cartoon character, the fantasy film character, or any alien come from outer galaxy, lol! However, it seems cute.

    September 17, 2016
    1. agexpert

      What’s wrong with you ding-dongs? Yaarp is one of the 629 experiments created by Dr. Jumba Jookiba from Lilo & Stitch the series. I can’t believe everyone on her is this stupid. All of you must be living in a hole. You guys are hopeless and completely clueless.

      November 04, 2016