Meet The Experiments: Stitch [626]

Species: Alien Genetic Experiment

Nickname: Stitch

Gender: Male

Stitch is one of Jumba's experiments. He is known as Experiment 626. He lives with Lilo and her family. He is one of the many Experiments Dr. Hamsterviel wants. He loves coconut cake, coffee, his mate Angel, his friend, Lilo, Wasp Mummies movies, Elvis Presley, dressing up, imitation, pizza, outer space, and scary movies.

Appearance & Body Parts:

Stitch is a blue dog-koala-like experiment. He has pretty much the same organs as a male human does with the exception of a heart, a pair of lungs, a stomach, a skeletal system, muscules, and a brain.

Special Abilties:

Stitch can think faster than a supercomputer, is fireproof, bulletproof and shockproof, can hear in different hearing levels, see in the dark, jump very high, climb up walls and walk on ceilings, roll into a ball, has super sight and hearing, and can lift objects 3,000 times his own weight (but not an ounce more). Stitch also has the ability to spit acid if he so desires or roll into a ball like a pill bug. Though mistaken for a dog, this alien actually had the smelling capabilities of a normal dog, and also has sharp hearing that allows him to hear people or things within a thirty foot radius. Stitch is resistant to poisons, though not immune to them. His heat vision permits him to locate targets by their body heat, and his night vision permits him to see clearly at night/in dark places. Being a genetic alien experiment as well, he can hide his two antennae, claws, abdominal arms and three spines that are on his back. His feet also have some sort of gripping on them that allows Stitch to climb onto walls and even hang from ceilings. Stitch also has both night and infrared vision that helps him with what he's looking for. Stitch is also highly intelligent as he had learned English and some Hawaiian sayings from Lilo, though he prefers using his alien talk called Tantalog. Stitch is mostly physical, but also has four basic plasma guns on hand. He is also dexterously skilled in hand-to-hand combat, using all four arms or just two. 

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Comments (1)

  1. kobyannois

    Stich was one the best experiment. His abilities were also great and it was nice to see him in series. I cannot agree with you the point that he looked like a normal human. Not only his inner structure was different, his appearance also was not same. If you want details on stich, services can provide you with them.

    September 11, 2016