Meet The Experiments: Heat [609]

Species: Alien Genetic Experiment

Nickname: Heat

Gender: Male

Heat is one of Jumba's experiments. He was one of the many experiments Dr. Hamsterviel wants. He loves fire and anything heat or red.

Appearance & Body Parts:

Heat is a red-orange doglike experiment. He has the same organs as a human male does with the exception of a heart, a pair of lungs, a stomach and digestive system, a brain, a skeletal system, a brain and nervous system, and muscules.

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Comments (3)

  1. ryderball

    Oh my good god! Although it sounds like dangerous specie, but it’s too cute. I don’t know that what kind of thoughts the dissertation writer services have about heat. But I think I do love this dog like specie after all.

    August 24, 2016
    1. agexpert

      Another stupid and clueless comment! What the hell is wrong with you people? Have you even heard of the Lilo & Stitch movies or TV show? No? Then you are completely stupid and clueless. What have you been living in? A hole? First of all, Heat is not a dog, he is an experiment created by Dr. Jumba Jookiba and is a cousin of Stitch in his ohana with Lilo.

      November 04, 2016