Meet The Experiments: Finder [158]

Species: Alien Genetic Experiment

Nickname: Finder

Gender: Male

Finder is one of Jumba's experiments. He is one of the many experiments Dr. Hamsterviel wants. He loves to find things, loves Lilo's hula class, and loves to fly.

Appearance & Body Parts:

Finder is a red aardvark-shrew-like experiment. He has the same organs as a human male does with the exception of a heart, a pair of lungs, a stomach and digestive system, a brain, a skeletal system, a brain and nervous system, and muscules.

Special Abilities:

Finder can quickly track down any missing person or thing by using his elongated snout and sense of smell. He can also spin his ears like helicopter blades, allowing him to fly to the detected missing object or individual. When he honks upon success, he sounds like a party blower.

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Comments (1)

  1. darcymiethke

    When I was child, I loved this show greatly. He was one of my favorite character as he was able to find anything that was lost. His ability to spin his ears always attracted my attention. You can find the episodes of this show on services as finding all of its episode elsewhere is quite a bother.

    September 09, 2016