Meet The Experiments: Cannonball [520]

Species: Alien Genetic Experiment

Nickname: Cannonball

Gender: Male

Cannonball is one of Jumba's experiments. He is one of the many experiments Dr. Hamsterviel wants. He loves the beach, loves surfing, loves playing games and hanging out with his friends.

Appearance & Body Parts:

Cannonball is a pink Kangaroo-like experiment. He has the same organs as a human male does with the exception of a heart, a pair of lungs, a stomach and digestive system, a brain, a skeletal system, a brain and nervous system, and muscules.

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Comments (3)

  1. thomasbevington

    Oh my god! He is such a cute creature. I just love Pokémon because they are so cute and unique. Even the essay writing services is talking about the trend of Pokémon in our country. Cannonball is a very fluffy and smooth type of a creature.

    October 30, 2016
    1. agexpert

      Oh, Cannonball is not a Pokemon, he is an experiment from Lilo & Stitch the series. Ever heard or seen Lilo & Stitch the series. Cannonball was created by Dr, Jumba Jookiba and is a cousin of Stitch.

      November 04, 2016