Cats of the Pokemon World & Digimon World

This is a list of the cats that appear in the Pokemon World & The Digimon World.

Mew [Generation 1]

Mew is Pokemon's first Mythical Cat. It is genderless and contains the DNA of every single Pokemon. It is also a very powerful Pokemon next to its genetically made counterpart: Mewtwo. It is a Psychic type Pokemon. Plus it's really cute!!!! It does not evolve.

Meowth [Generation 1]

Meowth is known as the Scratch Cat Pokemon, it is a very mischeivious Pokemon. It likes to use the move Pay Day. The gem on its head only acts when it finds something shiny. Meowth can be male or female. One of these Meowth resides with Team Rocket, a group of Poke-Nappers who steal Pokemon. It evolves into Persian.

Skitty [Generation 3]

Known as the Kitten Pokemon, this playful cat loves to chase its tail and anything that moves. Skitty is mostly female, there are very few male Skitty. It evolves into Delcatty using a Moon Stone. May happens to own a Skitty who is very ditsy. Team Rocket's Meowth even had the charms for it.

Shinx [Generation 4]

Shinx is a mix between a Lion & a Lynx. It is an Electric-Type Pokemon. Male Shinx have black back legs and female Shinx have half black half blue back legs. Shinx can be male or female. Shinx made its debut in Not on My Watch You Don't as Landis' main Pokemon. Landis's Shinx was revealed to be male. It was hypnotized by Team Rocket and was briefly captured, but it was rescued by its trainer, Landis and Ash and the gang. Shinx is very common in Diamond, Pearl, and Platinum. Shinx is also obtainable in White, X, Y, Omega Ruby, Alpha Sapphire, Sun, and Moon. It evolves into Luxio and then Luxray.

Glameow [Generation 4]

Glameow is known as the Catty Pokemon. It is very popular in Pokemon Contests. When it is content, it purrs and performs a spectacular dance with its spiraling tail, however when it is mad, the claws come out. Glameow is mostly female, there are very few male Glameow. Glameow is obtainable in Pearl, White2 Omega Ruby, and Alpha Sapphire only. It evolves into Purugly.

Purrloin [Generation 5]

Known as the Devious Pokemon, Purrloin like to steal things from people and when they accuse it of doing so, it puts on a cute act. Meowth had the charms for Misha's Purrloin even though it was a boy [he didn't realize it was a boy at first, he thought it was a female Purrloin, oops!] Purrloin can be male or female. It evolves into Liepard.

Litleo [Generation 6]

Litleo resembles a Lion Cub. Male Litleo are born in a pride and when they grows older, they must leave their pride. Female Litleo stay to guard their pride. Litleo is 87.5% Female, only 12.5% are male. Litleo evolves into Pyroar.

Espurr [Generation 6]

Espurr is known as the Restraint Pokemon. Espurr keeps its ears folded to contain its psychic powers. Espurr can be male or female. It evolves into Meowstic.

Meowstic [Male]

If your Espurr is male, it evolves into this form.

Meowstic [Female]

If your Espurr is female, it evolves into this form.

Litten [Generation 7]

Litten is known as the Fire Cat Pokemon. It is a Starter Pokemon along with Rowlet and Popplio in Sun & Moon. It likes to groom itself, when it does, it sometimes spits out small fireballs of fur. Litten is 8.75% male, only 12.5% can be female. It evolves into Torrecat and then Incineroar.

Alolan Meowth [Generation 7]

The Alolan Meowth is an Dark-Type Pokemon. Meowth originally did not live in Alola, but was sent as an offering from Kanto. Only a select few people can them as partners. Alolan Meowth are distinct for their cunning and deep pride personalitlies. If there's two things the Alolan Meowth hates, its's a wound to their pride and dirt on their coins, when this happens, it flies into hysterics. Alolan Meowth can be male or female. It evolves into the Alolan Persian during the night.

Gatomon [Adventure]

Gatomon is a cat Digimon. She is partnered with Kari Kamiya. She can Digivolve into Angewoman, but when the battle is over, she devolves back into Gatomon. Gatomon is female only. The ring on her tail contains great power, but when it is missing, she is not as powerful.


BlackGatomon lacks the ring on her tail. She Digivolves into LadyDevimon and Minervamon.

Meicoomon [Adventure Tri]

Meicoomon is a cat Digimon. She is partnered with Meiko Mochizuki. Her large tail and her ears are her defining characteristics. Meicoomon can Digivolve into Meicrackmo, but when the battle is over, she devolves back into Meicoomon.

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